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Yes they do! I wasn't sure at first, but seeing the trailer, they're a perfect Ana and Christian. I can't wait!! And 1 question, do your parents know you've read it and do they care? I know you're 18 now, but my dad is so against it and I kind of get it, but by the time I'd get to watch it when it's out on DVD, I'll be 18, so it doesn't seem like a big deal to see it or read it. Just kinda curious.

Well my mom’s Mexican (like me) so it doesn’t really matter to her lol I told her what it was about and she was like “well okay.” Honestly I can see why parents find it concerning, but it’s an erotic book. Sex is a part of everyone’s lives I don’t get what’s the point of being appalled by it. I’ve read things that are published that are much more explicit than Fifty Shades of Grey tbh. Heck I got inspired by that story to write Sin In A Suit, and mine’s a bit more dirtier, and completely different plot lines.

And I’ll mention that my mom has had her fair share of romance novels that I’m sure had a little smut in it.

You have better chances of streaming the movie online. But either way, I don’t find anything wrong with it :)

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How soon is very soon ? 😜

Like SIAS Liam soon lol kidding, but in a few days :)

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Ahh I saw it! I'm so excited, but I probably have to wait till it comes out to watch it, my friends haven't read it & definitely not something id wanna see with my parents haha.

Haha omg idc if I have to go alone!! I’ve been keeping up with this movie since they began casting the actors and I’m so so excited. I personally think Jamie and Dakota make a perfect Christian and Ana :P

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how are we supposed to know when the FSOG trailer is out today?! Like time wise. I'm DYING to see it!!

It’s already out :D I loved it. I cannot wait to see it!!

I have the BIGGEST daddy kink when it comes to Liam and I am not ashamed one bit 🙊

Guys the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer comes out tomorrow and I am SO excited!!!!

Anonymous asked:
When are you updating again?

Soon :)))

Anonymous asked:
When are ye gonna update again ?

Very soon :)

Anonymous asked:
how was your day today?

Very good actually :) thanks for asking babe 💕

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Do you update at a specific day of the week or is it just when you're done? I'm so looking forward for the next chapter, I keep looking at your page 😅

The second one :) there’s no real specification of what day! I’m gonna start working on the next chapter soon :)

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