Anonymous asked:
are you gonna update soon?

Si :)

Anonymous asked:
do you have a lot of written? just askin'😸

Hmmm about over a thousand words. I know where I’m going with it though :p

Anonymous asked:
So you are updating tomorrow?

Yep :)

Will finally be updating this week :D so so sorry for the wait. School has really been stressing me out. It’s harder than I thought.

Anonymous asked:
do you like fireproof?? im in love😍

YES it’s so good and they all harmonize so beautifully!

Anonymous asked:
Heyy! I need your help!!!! I need an idea for a banner!!!!!! I'm going to 1D concert soon and I'm planning on making a banner, but I don't know what to write on it, I want something original, but funny at the same time please help🙏 I want them to notice me and my banner and also the crowd to remember it!!

Hmm, well I’ve seen some pretty clever ones but tbh I suck at coming up with anything creative. I guess you can search up funny banners or quotes online and somehow incorporate it with the boys. Make it yours and if it makes you laugh, that should be good enough!

Anonymous asked:
do you know anyone interested in buying beats headphones for a great price?

No one that I know of, no!

bella-lee asked:
Me too! Ugh the post concert depression is so real 😭 I'm really hoping that they come back next year!

I’m sure they will :)

bella-lee asked:
I finally understand what you meant when you were posting about the concert! I attended the one in Los Angeles yesterday and I'm just like aljamxlaibelqkdnalspalqksaldj they're just so amazing 😭❤️

RIGHT? I miss my concert so much 😭 I still have my wristband from the floor seating thing. Honestly I would do anything to go to another show just to see them live again.

Busy week ahead but after Wednesday things will go back to normal! Chapter 36 will be posted on Thursday more than likely :)

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