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I know you already answered this but idk when it was posted so I'm gonna ask again sorry :/ but is it tonight your posting or tomorrow?

I think tomorrow babe. I might stay home tomorrow bc I didn’t do my spring break homework lol

Anonymous asked:
When are you posting the next chapter?? Please tonighttttttt :)

I think I’m gonna need just ONE more day on it. I had to rewrite it twice because it wasn’t coming out how I wanted it. I hope it’s okay 😊

Anonymous asked:
Awww thank YOU for writing us some amazing fan fictions! And we will always support you and hope u get through skl happily hahaha love u!! And happy Easter!!! 💜

Thanks babe ❤❤❤ happy Easter to you too :D

Anonymous asked:
We should be thanking you for writing really good stories for us and putting up with some of us ! I love your writing and you ! Happy Easter ! ❤️

Thank you very much babe. And nonsense, you guys deserve it :) You guys aren’t a hassle or “hard to put up with”. The words you’re looking for are supportive and amazing :D

I haven’t told you all this in a good while BUT just thought I’d let you know that I love you all so very much. All of you who have read Nothing’s fine, I’m torn and who are currently reading Sin In A Suit. And all of my followers, y’all are quiet but that doesn’t mean I don’t notice you guys.

Thank you for making it possible for me to do something that helps me cope with things that are hard for even me to comprehend because right now I’m at that stage where I’m still trying to figure myself out. I don’t know which exact path my life will go in and which career goal will I pursue, but I do know that I love writing for all of you amazing people.

The pressure is on for me because I will be turning 18 in just a few weeks and this is an eye opener that my future is about to begin. To worry about college and giving it my all to pass this last semester of Senior year.

I have a lot to do these next following weeks but even that won’t stop me from writing because I love writing. I never was a big fan of writing nor reading until I actually gave it a try. I’ve never taken a class on writing or how to properly write, I just do the best I can and hopefully deliver good stories for you all. I know this post took a whole different direction because it’s 4 a.m at the moment and I’m upset because I go back to school Monday.

Not many of you will read this, maybe none at all and I’m just talking to myself. But just know that without your support there is nothing to give, nothing to express.

Thank you all so much for allowing me to share my work with you all, for allowing me to be friends with you guys. It gets tough sometimes but you will always find a way to pull through. So thank you all and I love you.

Happy Easter too :)

love, Monica.

You’re not so interesting author of just some fan fiction stories my little mind conjured up and put into words! Stay rad.

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Are you going to be posting the chapter tonight?x



Not tonight babe. I’m at a family party.

i like how ur at a family party and on tumblr

Am I not aloud to check my tumblr? I literally went on just to check it and that’s it.


When you’re riding shotgun and your friends are having fun in the backseat
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Anonymous asked:
Are you going to be posting the chapter tonight?x

Not tonight babe. I’m at a family party.

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When are you posting?


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