Anonymous asked:
When do you think you're going to update again? :)

Sometime this week for sure! It might be sooner than you can think :p

this is kind of, sort of how i picture the diner only there’s tables also in the middle so it’s a little wider but the interior is pretty close :p
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Anonymous asked:
What do you imagine the diner looking like?? Just curious

Kind of like 50’s style only a little more up to date and a bit run down since it’s not the best looking place lol lemme look for a picture that best resembles how I picture it!

Anonymous asked:
Hi babe, lately you seem a little bit off so I just wanted to ask you if everything's alright :/ hope you're fine, I love you're writing and you are so sweet!

This is so sweet thank you so much for this ❤️ yeah I’ve just been super stressed because of school lately because I didn’t think it’d be this overwhelming but I’m doing the best I can! Writing really eases that tension after a long day (if I’m not running late on a due chapter because lemme tell you about the messages I get when I don’t update lol) but other than that I’m okay. Thanks for the sweet message it really made my day :)

Anonymous asked:
Hey love! I was just wondering if you had an estimated time of when you will be updating next? No rush though, your updates are perfect the way you write them!(:

As of right now I’m not too sure but I have already written some of it :)

Anonymous asked:
Did you hear about the fan fic after becoming a movie??? Do you know where I can read it?

Yeah and yeah!

this is what Violet looks like to me (but with browner eyes) :P
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Anonymous asked:
Loved the chapter soooooooo much. You are such a fantastic writer.

Aw shucks ☺️ thank you!!

Anonymous asked:
The chapter was GREAT!!! Lots of them feels!

Haha thank you :D

zaraparker asked:
Can you post a list of all the chapters to Sin in a Suit ? Thanks xx

Sin in a Suit

Canvas  by  andbamnan