Anonymous asked:
Yayyy u got a new phone 😄 it's the same as mine whoop whoop ✋✋x

Yay :D it’s so cute!

Ok so the update will be up this Thursday! I’m sorry for all the dang inconveniences but technology sucks so much. Thanks guys ❤️

I have an iphone 5C pink as well :D

The color’s so cute right? :D it’s more of a coral!

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What kind of phone did you get? 😋

An iPhone 5c :p I got the pink one!

This looks like Liam and Violet 🙈
07.28.14 /23:30/ 5

I got a new phone guys woo! But my notes didn’t save 😭 I have to rewrite chapter 31 but thankfully I didn’t write a lot.

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No problem :) hope you enjoy

Anonymous asked:
Omg you've had such bad luck with technology when it's time to update, that really sucks I'm sorry lol

Ughhhhh I really do :( I’m getting a new phone tomorrow so I hope my notes saved. I didn’t have a whole lot written so thank god for that!!

Guys I’m really sorry but my phone is jacked up and I can’t get to what I have written for Chapter 31. It might take a few days before I can get a new phone. I really hate technology.

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just realized why I can't see any of your links. the color of your links is the same as the background therefore one has to hover over randomly places hoping for a link. you physically can't see any of your links unless you're on a phone. i'm on a laptop. so can you pleaseeeeee change the color so i can see all your links :)

I prefer mobile but I will see what I can do :)

(check it now)

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