me as a ghost

is this season one of american horror story
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When people ask how you’re doing at the end of the semester


majoburelo asked:
Are you in Chicago right now?

Of course, I live here :)

kaya-patrice asked:
Heyyyyy!! :) I'm writing a fanfic on Wattpad and I was wondering if you will read it? The story is called Or The Fame? And my name is MyCrazyMofosPrincess thanks!

Yeah I’ll check it out :)

Guys today I witnessed a woman who was most likely a prostitute give a blowjob to some man in a car and now I’m afraid to walk home lol

Anonymous asked:
I love your writing and you ! Okay bye

Well I love you and your anon self :D

Anonymous asked:
Please update on Thursday!! Pretty please with a cherry on top??

Def in the works babe :p

Anonymous asked:
You are my girl crush :3 :')

I am? Lol oh god I’m flattered :p

Anonymous asked:
Hey love are gonna post the chapter tonight like you thought about?? :)

I so would but I can’t seem to make up my mind on how I want this chapter to be! All of my good ideas are planned for the future and I hate myself for that lol

Anonymous asked:
Ahhh that chapter was PERFECT ! I can't get enough of Liam and Violet, they're so cute haha. Are you updating tonight? Take your time, it's all worth it in the end :)

Confusing things aren’t they? ;P haha and no I don’t think tonight. Possibly Thursday!

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